We make your home and spaces a natural and healthy environment.


-It helps to choose the best solar, geobiological analysis and external conditions (high voltage towers, telephone mast..). The analysis will give us the best candidate, and the conditions to solve, in design or in construction.

Design of housing. We design the best solution that encompasses your needs, the characteristics of the place to locate the home. We manage the Local planning permission for the construction of your home.

Construction of housing. From top to bottom. We are experts in the favorable resolution of the problems that arise. We deliver the house completely finished within an agreed deadline and price.


Geobiological study. Search and correct the terrestrial geopathics that prevent a good rest at home and can lead to ill health.

Biohabitability study. Analyze the housing in depth to see what factors such as alternating electric fields (low frequencies), domestic electrical installation, alternating magnetic fields (low frequencies), network harmonics (medium frequencies), electromagnetic waves (high frequencies), electrostatic and magneto-static fields, radioactivity in housing, noise and lighting technology.

Screening of electromagnetic fields and microwaves (telephone and Wi-Fi masts). We leave these fields within the admissible ranges for a good rest and good health.

Interior design feng shui. Our partners at www.laespaciera.com design harmonious spaces that inspire peace with feng shui parameters.

Healthy reforms. If you have to reform your house, we do it accordingly to bio-constructive criteria, so that the health of your house or apartment improves considerably.

Energy efficiency. We conduct the study of the energy efficiency of your home, we propose solutions and if you want we will execute them.

Renewable energy. We install solar and wind solutions that provide energy for homes and industry.

Withdrawal of Asbestos. We perform asbestos decontamination according to procedures and instructions of the Ministry of Industry. Curalite roofs, fiber cement pipes …


Natural pools, which mimic the processes of purification of nature with depuration by filtration, plants, bacterial …, without added chemicals. We transform your conventional pool into a natural one, getting high quality water without chemicals. Especially indicated for cases of atopic skin conditions.

Ecological gardens. A garden suitable to the place where you live, with minimum water supply, soil regeneration, favoring the presence of insects and beneficial bacteria, which prevent the appearance of pests.

Containment of slopes with stone or plants. When it is necessary to contain an earth slope, there are cheaper and safer alternatives than the concrete wall. For example the stone wall of more than 500kg (breakwater), which combines great resistance to water permeability of little maintenance, great beauty and resistance. In other cases, it is enough to plant certain plant species with high rooting that produce a stabilization of the slope due to the stitching produced by the roots.

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