A healthy home is one that has the characteristics for the development of our life very similar to those of a natural environment. These conditions are what have allowed the development of human life for thousands of years, and favor an optimal state of life and rest, because they are the ones we are adapted to.

A healthy home includes the following factors:

  • The location of the house must have a natural terrestrial radiation within the average parameters.
  • The housing situation must avoid underground currents, high activity lines of natural magnetic fields and ground faults.
  • Around the dwelling there should not be less than 50 / 100m, depending on its characteristics, nor electric transport lines, nor electrical transformers nor mobile telephone masts, radio or television antennas.
  • In order not to alter the natural magnetic fields, the use of iron in the structure of the dwelling should be avoided as much as possible, since as it is a ferromagnetic material they concentrate magnetic fields around it.
  • Metal recycled materials or materials derived from petroleum or containers that do not know their content history, such as maritime metal containers, car wheels, and plastic bottles, plastic barrels that have been used, should not be used as construction material for transport of unknown chemical substances. Neither wood that has had harmful treatments or ignore such treatments as railway sleepers.
  • In a healthy home, the magnetic fields produced by our installation and appliances are minimized. To do this, the electrical installation is designed in the form of a star, the cables move away from the rest areas, the current can be interrupted with bioswitch, armored cables can be placed … The electrical appliances with motor must be moved away from the most frequent areas and rest.
  • The use of Wi-Fi at home is not advised. In case you want to have, never less than 3 meters away from people and always turned off while we sleep.
  • One of the most important sections in a healthy home and to which more factors influence is the quality of the air. In order for the air to be in optimal conditions, it is necessary to take into account:
  • Proper ventilation, a person needs 30 to 60 m3 of clean air every hour.
  • Absence of volatile organic elements. These can come from many sources, from cleaning products, air fresheners to plastic elements in our furniture and decorative elements.
  • Absence of toxins in suspension such as glass fibers, asbestos fibers …
  • Absence of mold spores that have developed somewhere in the house. Some are very toxic.
  • Radon gas, it is radioactive and very dangerous if stored in the home. It comes from the decomposition of certain materials such as granite.
  • Ionization of the air, the air we breathe is always ionized, being very favorable the air with negative ions (sea, cataracts …) and damaging the positively charged (strong winds, air conditioners …), which produces nervousness, irritability, pain of head, decreased immunity, circulatory and respiratory problems.
  • Little dust in suspension, the powder neutralizes the negative ions and charges the air with positive ions.
  • Enough oxygen
  • Static electricity. It produces a lot in synthetic materials, such as carpets, plastics, artificial pallets …. It produces headaches and irritability, and influences the positive ionization of the air.

Not all people are equally sensitive to these factors, the percentage varies but approximately there are 25% -30% of very sensitive people, 40% -50% of moderate sensitivity and 25% -30% hardly affect it.

Why it is important to have a sustainable home

The vast majority of people live in environments that are quite aggressive for our health:

In the cities we are surrounded by atmospheric, acoustic, electromagnetic pollution …

In the offices, the air quality is usually low: little oxygen, air with positive ionization, chemical contamination by cleaning products, air fresheners … without forgetting the Wi-Fi, a big electrostatic electricity charge by the synthetic platforms, carpets, plastics …

Our body has a great capacity for regeneration, you just have to give it a suitable space and time to do it. Normally we spend half our lives in our house, that’s why our house should be this space for regeneration. In addition, the most regenerative period is when we sleep at night and we usually do it at home.

Every day it is more frequent to hear the term “sick building”, the effect on our health of a non-healthy home can become very harmful.


At Crehabitat we think that our house should be a place to rest, regenerate our energy and strengthen our health. Offering a healthy and toxic-free home to our family is the best investment we can make.

We know that any house can be improved, no matter where you start from, there is always room for improvement and to improve your health at home. If we live in an apartment, in a duplex, in a single-family home … For this we value the current situation of your home and we propose the necessary improvements that best suit your needs.

If you are going to make a new house, we help you find the best environment and study all the possible variables that may be affecting the chosen terrain, making a complete geobiological study, analyzing safety distances to power lines, transformers, mobile antennas … Both the design as the construction of housing adopts as its main criterion the health of its inhabitants.

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