I am José Francisco Muñoz, by title I am a civil engineer, coming from the traditional style of construction. For almost 16 years I have worked at FCC Construcción, where I executed building sites like Metrosur in Madrid (subway system), the motorway Autopista Cartagena Vera and the tram in Murcia, the latter one as project manager.

Sometimes, although for the rest of the world your working situation may seem admirable, you feel something else, that your daily effort does not lead to personal satisfaction, that your employment and your values are not in line…

One night of lucidity I decided to leave that career behind and embark on a new journey……Which one?…….I took a sabatical year which would allow me to see things with more perspective, I was clear on that I wanted to have a life project, aligned with my values, something that me and my family could feel proud of and that would contribute to better the lives of others and the world that our children will inherit. It is also important to me that this project creates the conditions for those who colaborate to develop their talents and the best version of themselves.

The opportunity to design and consult the construction of a house in an ecovillage in Portugal arose. I have always been interested in green building and this was the moment to put it into practice. This project got me hooked completely. Africa and Guille, put their trust in us and among all we achieved that they got the house of their dreams.

That experience showed me the way…and since 2016 we have been going in this direction.

Every day I work so that Crehabitat can be “that project”. Little by little the Crehabitat family is growing and more and more people put their energy and hope into the project….Manuel, Pedro, Jorge, Salut, Joaquin, Tomás, and our beloved colaborators: Jose Antonio, Christophe, the interior designers from La Espaciera… Not to forget Pablo and Luis, who have contributed a lot during the time we were colaborating.

If you are curious to learn more about my professionl trajectory:



Building engineer, Master in Arquitecture and Sustainable Town Planning and Master in Heritage Conservation. Young talent.


Building Engineer: Master in Projectmanagment in green arquitecture and construction. The artist of the team. Expert in Tadelakt, natural cladding, walls, murals, and trainer.


Public works engineer: exact and meticulous, a true value.


Commercial agent, in the best sense of the word. Each client a friend.


Safety technician, responsible fpr personnel, passionate about wood and polifacetted.

Juan Adrián

Civil engineer, meticulous, detailist, efficient.



“la espaciera”

Cristina and Maria are our interior designers, simply fantastic.

Christophe Pascuali

Civil engineer, geobiologist and world citizen.

Jose Antonio Alonso

Expert in biohabitability, inverts large part of his time divulging the external factors that affect our health.

This is what marks our diference


Building healthy homes and doing them in a way that is accessible to many people is our mission.

For this I use the skills I developed in my stage of construction of large public works (management of projects and human groups, construction of structures, optimization of solutions and leadership) to, in conjunction with the values ​​of health, ecology, responsibility and sustainability, offer a different and innovative construction.


We want that in a few years the majority of homes that are built or reformed are healthy and sustainable, following bioconstruction criteria.

We see it necessary to develop a greater awareness of what our housing can affect our health.


  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Sustainability
  • Trust
  • Health
  • Development of talent
  • Ecology
  • Energy efficiency

Our services meet four premises


We understand that our service must solve a problem or satisfy a need in its entirety, that’s why we are a multidisciplinary team with a long list of collaborating experts.

Price and term closed

No surprises


At all times, solving the doubts and problems that arise on the way to your ideal home.

Facility of financing

Of your projects through ethical banking: Triodos and Fiare.

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